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Olive Body Oil

Our Olive Body Oil is a luxurious treatment for dry skin.  This nutrient rich moisturizer is packed with skin revitalizing vitamins A and E with antioxidants that protect skin from the damaging effects of dryness, stress and the aging process.  It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.  Just a small amount of Olive Body Oil applied after bath or shower moisturizes deeply for skin that looks and feels smooth, soft and radiant.  

Blended with an abundance of nourishing extra virgin olive oil blended with avocado and shea oils, this is a versatile natural moisturizer with many uses for daily skin care and grooming.  Massage Olive Body Oil into moist skin after bath or shower to moisturize, smooth and soften.  A few drops poured into bath water moisturizes and relieves dry skin as a soothing bath oil.  Also, a few drops of this golden oil rubbed between palms and applied to dry hair adds gloss and tames frizziness for soft, lustrous shine.  

Olive Body Oil creates a long lasting moisture shield that protects against dryness and keeps skin looking and feeling smooth and supple.  Because of the heavier weight of the oils blended in this body oil, esan Olive Body Oil has a denser richer texture than typical body oils.  This rich texture makes it an effective moisturizer for extra dry skin as well as normal and sensitive skin types.  It is most effective when applied to damp skin after bath or shower. This promotes maximum hydration as moisture is prevented from evaporating as quickly for skin that maintains a healthy moisture balance.

Excellent for all skin types. 

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, shea oil, essential oils  

esan Olive Body Oil is Paraben Free. Vegan.

Olive Body Oil - Ginger Tea

Olive Body Oil - Lavender

Olive Body Oil - Jasmine

Olive Body Oil - Ginger Tea: $14.50

Olive Body Oil - Lavender: $14.50

Olive Body Oil - Wild Jasmine: $14.50:

Olive Body Oil - Mandarin Orange




Photo Available Soon




Photo Available Soon

Olive Body Oil - Mandarin Orange: $14.50

Olive Body Oil - Honey: $14.50

Olive Body Oil - Unscented: $14.00