Unscented Olive Oil Soap - 3 Bars

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Unscented Olive Oil Soap (3 Bars)           Net wt. per bar: 5 oz.  
Our 100% natural handmade olive oil soaps are large hand cut hefty bars that cleanse gently with an abundance of soft creamy lather.  These moisture rich olive soaps also contain skin soothing shea butter to provide gentle, non-drying cleansing for all skin types.  They are especially beneficial for dry skin and sensitive skin.  

These soaps also make excellent gentle facial cleansing bars for all skin types.  

Our olive oil soaps also provide gentle moisture rich cleansing for baby baths.  (Do not allow lather to get into baby's eyes.  Natural soaps are not tear free and can irritate baby's eyes.)

Allow the bar to dry after each use and don't let it sit in water and this bar will remain intact so you can use it until it becomes the tiniest sliver. 

Unscented - Fragrance free.

IIngredients: Water, saponified oils of olive, coconut, soybean, shea butter 
Price: $13.50
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