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Olive Oil Skin Care

esan Olive Oil Skin Care includes a wide assortment of products specially formulated to hydrate, balance and 
restore radiance to dry skin. Made with an abundance of pure extra virgin olive oil, essential oils and organic herbal infusions, our products soothe, hydrate and renew healthy softness and smooth skin texture. 

Extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of antioxidant nutrients that deeply moisturize and revitalize skin. This premium olive oil improves skin suppleness and elasticity to make skin appear softer and smoother, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for skin that radiates youthful vitality. 

Olive oil skin care with pure extra virgin olive oil improves skin suppleness and elasticity, while moisturizing to make skin appear softer and smoother, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.  One of the primary beauty benefits of extra virgin olive oil is its light texture which allows it to be absorbed easily into skin to nourish, moisturize and eliminate dry skin. Our premium quality olive oil skin care products are an excellent choice for soothing and protecting dry skin, sensitive skin and for baby skin care.

Our Olive Oil Skin Care line includes:

Olive Oil Soap

Natural handmade olive oil soaps made with pure olive oil and enriched with shea butter. These large handcut
bars gently cleanse skin with an abundance of soft creamy moisturizing lather. Our olive oil soaps are especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin types.

Olive Oil Bath & Shower Nectar

Olive Oil Bath & Shower Nectar is an ultra gentle and non-drying Organic Olive Oil body wash that provides 
gentle cleansing for all skin types. Blended with an infusion of soothing organic calendula flowers, our Bath & Shower nectar leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lotion

Olive Oil Lotion is a soothing nutrient rich moisturizer made with extra virgin olive oil, emollient soybean oil and skin soothing organic calendula. This creamy lotion absorbs easily into skin to deeply moisturize and hydrate leaving skin velvety soft and smooth. 

Whipped Olive Body Crème

Whipped Olive Body Crème is a fragrant luxurious treat for dry skin.  Rich and thick, with the texture of 
buttercream frosting, this soothing moisturizer absorbs quickly with no oily residue, for skin that looks and 
feels soft, smooth and radiant. 

Olive Oil Scrub

Olive Oil Face & Body Scrub is a moisturizing blend of sugar, olive oil and fresh citrus essential oils to deep
cleanse and gently polish skin to eliminate dryness for exceptional softness and smooth texture.

Olive Oil Lip Balm

Olive Oil Lip Balm is an intensive moisturizing treatment for lips. This wholesome all natural lip balm provides
extra rich moisture with over 75% olive oil blended with natural beeswax to deeply moisturize and keep lips feeling smooth soft and comfortable. 

Olive Oil Skin Care