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Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

There are many beauty benefits of olive oil.  This rich nourishing oil soothes and smoothes dry skin, removes makeup and is an effective natural lubricant for shaving. The following beauty tips include ways to enjoy the beauty benefits of olive oil with practical and inexpensive ways to use it to add a bit of pampering to your daily beauty routine.


Olive Oil - Natural Makeup Remover:

Olive oil is a great all natural makeup remover.  Its not as expensive as cosmetic makeup removers and it dissolves makeup very effectively as it moisturizes your skin. 

Directions: Pour a small amount of olive oil on a cotton ball and gently remove makeup.

Shaving with Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Olive oil makes a fine all natural lubricant for shaving legs, forearms, underarms.  Cosmetic shaving lotions can be drying and irritate sensitive skin.  Olive lubricates skin to help prevent nicks and cuts and does not irritate skin with the chemical ingredients found in shaving creams and lotions.  

Directions:  Use extra virgin olive oil for shaving.  Extra virgin olive oil is heavier in weight and more emollient for smoother razor glide than "pure" or "light" olive oil.  Pour a little oil into palm and massage into skin before shaving.  Olive oil is naturally moisturizing so you won't need an aftershave lotion when you finish shaving.

Olive Oil - Moisturizing Bath Oil:

Olive oil makes a wonderful moisturizing bath oil.  Pure or light olive oil works best in the bath.

Directions:  Pour a small amount into bath water to moisturize and soften skin.