Natural Deodorant

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Natural Deodorant - Aluminum Free

Our natural deodorants provide effective long lasting odor protection to keep you fresh all day.  Made with a skin soothing base of natural botanicals that neutralize odor causing bacteria.  Made with a skin soothing base of natural botanicals that neutralize odor causing bacteria, these aluminum free deodorants are also non-irritating for sensitive skin and effective for all skin types.  This is an invisible solid deodorant that goes on dry with no white streaks or residue.

What are Esan™ Natural Deodorants made of?
- Baking soda to neutralize odor.
- Cornstarch to absorb odor causing moisture.
- Pure essential oils to block bacteria growth.
- Skin soothing shea butter.

Esan™ natural deodorants don't stop perspiration but they are very effective for preventing odor for both women and men. 

Natural deodorant without aluminum and other chemicals is a healthy solution for eliminating underarm odor without interfering with the body's necessary process of getting rid of toxins through perspiration. Bacteria contained in perspiration is the cause of odor. The natural ingredients in our deodorants work very effectively to neutralize odor causing bacteria and absorb wetness for long lasting freshness.  

Natural Deodorant - Honey: $7.00

Natural Deodorant - Sea Mist: $7.00

Natural Deodorant - Peaceful: $7.00






Natural Deodorant - Ginger Tea: $7.00