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Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin: Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

There are many beauty benefits of olive oil for skin. Olive oil skin care products have increased in popularity recently as we search for more natural and effective skin care products.  A rich source of antioxidant nutrients, olive oil benefits skin by helping to neutralize free radicals that damage skin and accelerate the aging process. Olive oil provides a natural moisture barrier as it sinks into skin, benefiting skin by helping to create a moisture rich environment that allows skin cells to rejuvenate and repair while protecting skin against dryness.

Olive oil lotion and olive oil body butter absorbs into skin without clogging pores, allowing skin to breathe while improving skin's suppleness and elasticity to make skin look smoother and feel softer.  Olive oil moisturizers are also an excellent choice to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Olive oil body scrubs blended with olive oil, sugar and essential oils exfoliate skin while providing rich moisture that leaves skin smooth, soft and glowing. And, olive oil soaps are among the finest handmade soaps, with gentle and effective skin cleansing benefits for dry and sensitive skin types.

Olive oil products that produce the most effective olive oil skin care benefits contain high concentrations of olive oil. How can you tell how much olive oil is contained in a product?  Ingredients are listed on a product label in the order of the amount contained in the product.  The more of a ingredient contained in a product, the closer to the front of the ingredients list it will be listed.  Products that list olive oil and/or extra virgin olive oil at the beginning of the list contain more olive oil than products with olive oil at the end of the ingredients list.  Skin care products containing a high amount this nutrient rich oil are a superb choice for cleansing, moisturizing and protecting dry and sensitive skin.